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From Image to Georeferenced Reality

Did you know that although the first image from space was taken in 1946 and Landsat sensors have a commercial use since 1980, sub-meter imagery has been actively used only for the last 15 years? More than 12 sensors with the resolution from 0,25m and better are currently commercially available on the market, which leads to a constant increase of capability for further detalization of digital mapping products. Owing to the usage of AI/ML technics for imagery processing, the increasing data amounts can be processed and Geocode reference data can be extracted not only for precise city map but also for modeling at a countrywide scale. The Geocode reference data bring a complex representation of reality and utilizes all available location data into the united homogeneous model. It also can become a crucial factor in Telecom/Urban Planning/GIS and Web-application empowering the market needs with extra accuracy. Application of precise and more detailed geodata opens new o