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The Vietnam nationwide coverage created by Visicom includes: 331210 of Regional countrywide model; 3D models of 74 Vietnam cities; Population maps of all Vietnam; Population maps of all 74 cities; Geo-database with semantic infrastructure information: 314 532 POIs. In order to complete the project and ensure the required accuracy it was bought over 95 stereo-pairs of satellite imageries with 0.3-0.5 m/pixel resolution. Accurate and reliable spatial orientation of them was made based on the set of 200 GCPs (Ground Control Points). 3D CITIES - KEY FIGURES: Total area - 5053; Buildings quantity: 12,000,000; Roads network: 75 000 km; 2 m resolution of DTM, DSM, Clutter, Clutter heights; 2-3 m accuracy in all parameters. The vegetation layers and their heights were captured using the recognition algorithms which are based on the artificial intelligence (AI), in particular neutral networks.  The geo-database might be used further across multiple indu