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  DIGITIZE THE WORLD USING AI VISICOM BUILDINGS FOOTPRINTS Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has entered the everyday life of many companies in the world, from sorting parcels to writing program code and launching rockets into space. Visicom team are also in trend, and therefore developed and implemented the technology of recognizing satellite images based on AI, or to be more accurate — machine learning (ML), which analyzes each pixel and determines the class to which a particular pixel belongs and accordingly transfers data from the raster to a vector with corresponding attributes. Below is more about our achievements. AI BUILDING FOOTPRINTS — PRODUCT FEATURES: · Aut o mated production (99% of buildings > 25 sq.m matched automatically by the machine learning algorithm) · Completeness (achieved 100% coverage due to manual post-processing and validation) · 3m SE90 accuracy · Rapid production of countrywide building footprints dataset · Available worldwide · Based on up-to-date sat